GIE Destination Loyalty Islands agrees that the collection and processing of data, carried from the site conform to General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD) and the Data Protection Act.

Collection and processing of your personal data:


Contact form :

- Identity: name, first name

- Contact details: email address, phone

- Date request

- Message and suites made

The data is processed and transmitted carriers and organizers committee. They are collected to establish the tickets and tour operators organize a place to stay during an event-party. They are subject to statistical processingin the balance of activation festivals each year. These data are sent to the province to justify loyalty islands of allocated funds and stored for 10 years.

service contact form:

- Identity: name

- Contact details: email address, phone

- Date of demand

- Message and suites made

Next entries per event, the data is transmitted either Betico or Air Calédonie and the different organizing committees. They are recovered to organize the stays of those registered to Event festivities. They are subject to statistical processing under thebalance of activation festivals each year. This data is transmitted to the province of loyalty to islands justify the allocated funds and are stored for 10 years.

Pre-booking form:

- Identity: name, date of birth

- Proof of identity: passport number or ID number,

- Contact details: email address, phone

- Date of demand

The data is transmitted to partner agencies promotion of ibozu. They is retrieved and transmitted to Betico or Air Caledonie and the various committees organizers. The aim is to organize an event-party stays. They are

are handled by the parties in the loyalty program, serves to help data in the decision and are stored for 10 years.


- Identity: name, first name

- Contact details: email address

The data is transmitted to the SkaZy agency located at 7 bis rue Gambetta - BP 10992 - 98805, New Caledonia that manages the distribution of newsletters information about the news of the DIL. They are subject to a statistical treatment but anonymously. We only count the number of contacts received via newsletters and e-mailings sent, received, opened and clicked to record our annual event. The data is stored until the person unsubscribes from the newsletter or for a period of 3 years maximum if no interaction of the sender.

For information or exercise your rights Computing and Liberties on treatments personal data managed by GIE Destination Loyalty Islands, you can contact us :

- To e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- or by mail (with a copy of your ID in case of exercise of your rights) at the following address:

27 rue Sebastopol - central building 1 - BP 343

98845 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia

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