Activity : hiking to the lekiny cliffs - Lékine tribal village

Falaises de lekine en bateau3 Lekine Ouvea DIL

Services provider : Felix alosio

Eating out : snack fassy/porte du paradis

Welcome to the Lékiny Cliffs, one of Ouvea’s most beautiful sites. Take in splendid scenery as Félix Alosio guides you through landscapes that exude spirituality. You will enjoy a unique walk along the beach while majestic cliffs look over you. From Mouli Bridge, take a moment to contemplate incredible limestone formations that resemble cathedrals. End your excursion on a high note and enjoy a swim in crystal-clear water. When the tide rises, hop on a glass-bottom boat and admire the amazing wildlife the lagoon shelters. If you want to grab a bite to eat in Mouli, Snack Fassy is open daily from 8am to 1pm. Enjoy a choice of refreshments and take-away dishes. If you want to eat with a view, head for the Didewa Mafatou Snack and contemplate splendid ocean views. 


Activity : anubet cave - Saint paul tribal village

Grotte Anubet St Paul Ouvea

Services provider : Dominique Tanghmelen

Eating out : hôtel beaupré

Ouvea is filled with hidden treasures, most of which are nestled amidst lush forest. Start you excursion in Saint-Paul, located in the center of the island. Dominique will gladly guide you through the forest. At the Anubet cave, take a break from hiking and contemplate a true geological wonder. Enjoy the sight of this long stretch of rock which seems delicately chiseled in the ground. The cave is a wonderful and refreshing oasis. Bring some basic diving gear along and you will enjoy a memorable swim. Unwind and end your day with a tasty meal at the Beaupré hotel.  


Acitivity : Ouvéa Parakeet observation -  Teouta tribal village/ognat

perruche ouvea nouvelle caledonie

Services provider : association ASBO

Eating out : soleil levant (ognat)

Welcome to the Teouta tribe of Ognat. Here you will uncover the island’s most emblematic treasure that goes by the scientific name of Eunymphicus uvaeensis – an endemic bright green parakeet. It has a recognizable red mark on its forehead and its crest bears six black feathers that curl forward. You are in the right place to spot this rare bird. Members of the Association pour la sauvegarde de la perruche d’Ouvéa (Association for the conservation of the Ouvea parakeet) will gladly guide you through your observations. The organization was created in 1993 in order to preserve the endangered species. Complete your visit with a delicious lunch at the Soleil Levant. 



Activity : Yedjele  beach- Wabao tribal village

Plage de Yedjele Wabao Mare NC

Services provider : free access

Eating out : léon duhnara/waterloo

Yedjele is said to be one of Mare’s most beautiful beaches. Nestled between Wabao and Cengeite, enjoy its long stretch of pristine white sand. Yedjele is hemmed by the lagoon on one side and fringed by Columnar Pine trees on the other.  The beach is known for its underwater wonders. Here you will contemplate dazzling corals and incredible wildlife. For a tasty and authentic meal, enjoy lunch at Leon Duhnara’s in Eni tribal village, if you wish to extend your stay and enjoy the island’s vivid colors as the sun rises or sets. 


Activity : Trou de bone -  Lio tribal village

Trou de Bone Guahma Lio Mare NC

Services provider : free access

Eating out : peune

The Trou de Bone sinkhole is a true geological curiosity. Here, rainwater and seawater meet and in the depths of the precipice, they create a lens of freshwater. Underground, Mare resembles an intricate network of caves and caverns. This is also true of the other Loyalty Islands. The Trou de Bone is a circular abyss of about 30 meters in diameter. You can reach it from Lio, located halfway between Tenane and La Roche. Impressive Banyan tree roots have taken over the surroundings of Trou de Bone. After your excursion, you can unwind and grab a bite to eat at Peune’s in the Hnawayace tribe. 


Activity : natural aquarium - Tadine tribal village

Aquarium naturelle Tadine Mare NC

Services provider : free access

Eating out : oasis de belair/ Tadine market snack

Two kilometers south of Tadine, by the edge of the road, the natural aquarium is Mare’s most famous site. Please note that swimming is absolutely prohibited in order to preserve the site’s natural beauty. This shallow pool of seawater is encircled by lush vegetation that shields it beautifully. If you sit by and remain quiet, you will soon enjoy the sight of colorful fish and tropical shellfish swimming around. If you wish to grab some lunch, head for the Oasis de Belair or the Tadine Market Snack .



Activity : medrehu nature - Ewë tribal village

00.Medehu Nature EwE Lifou NC

Services provider : Mr Geihaze antoine

Eating out : fenepaza

Welcome to the Easo tribe, located in the northern part of the island. Medehu Nature is a small family-run structure that offers trekking excursions through the forest. As you make your way around limestone formations and giant ferns, Antoine Geihaze will gladly teach you about traditional herbal medicine and ancestral hunting techniques. Enjoy a truly authentic experience that brings together tribal tales and wisdom. Between Jokin and Easo, the Fenepaza restaurant (named after the Purau tree) offers a creative and flavorful cuisine. 

Activity : botanical garden -  Mucaweng tribal village

jardin botanique Tribu de Mucaweng Lifou

Services provider : Mr Bole Felix

Eating out : fenepaza

In the Mucaweng tribe, meet Félix Bolé, a true nature enthusiast. He will happily take you through the forest on a relaxing walk. For lunch, savor a fish dish and a freshly squeezed fruit juice at Fenepaza’s.  

Activity : picnic at Peng beach - Hapetra tribal village

plage de peng lifou

Services provider : free access

Peng Beach is a peaceful haven, sheltered and somewhat hidden. Located in the Hapetra tribal village, you must follow the coastline and walk passed the ruins of an old church in order to reach it. Peng Beach is the perfect spot to enjoy an improvised picnic while lounging under palm trees. Indulge in a perfectly leisurely day…

Activity : la vanille joyeuse -  Mou tribal village

la vanille joyeuse Tribu de Mou

Services provider : Lues rockuad

Eating out : tamanou beach/la petite baie

As you are heading south of Lifou towards Mou, follow the signs reading “vanille joyeuse”. You will soon meet Lues Rockuad, the owner of the vanilla plantation you have reached. Lues grows organic vanilla beans and is passionate about his work. He will share his knowledge of Lifou vanilla with you and will entertain you with some great stories. While in Mou , have a taste of authentic dishes and head for Tamanou Beach where you will enjoy dining outdoors. Not far from Luengoni, in the tribal village of Joj, you can spend a night at Annette’s. Her place is called A la petite baie and features small studios or traditional huts. Annette serves great food in a charming setting.

Activity : öni wael - Hnathalo tribal village

Maison de la vanille2 Hnathalo Lifou DIL

Services provider : Michel

 Eating out: fenepaza

In Hnathalo, take the time to stop by the Maison de la Vanille (house of vanilla), a must when in Lifou.  Just opposite the Maison de la Vanille, you will encounter Gilbert Pohlë-Michel who will take you on a tour of his vanilla plantation. You will love the eclectic menagerie that cohabits in his garden! As your visit ends, don’t forget to grab a souvenir from the Maison de la Vanille.