gastronomie hotel beaupre ouvea


Activity: beauvoisin -  gossanah tribal village

Services provider : Marc wete

If you are visiting the northern part of Ouvea, you ought to stop by Beauvoisin’s to enjoy traditional tribal accommodation. Marc and his family will happily welcome you in their place. Come savor traditional authentic dishes prepared with fresh seasonal produce. 

Activity : la porte du paradis -  lekiny tribal village

Services provider : Mr Alosio

At the entrance of Lékiny, this welcoming guesthouse is located by the beach in a dreamlike setting. It is open daily from 6.30am for breakfast and starting 11.30am for lunch. Justine offers a different menu every day, but you must book beforehand. In the kitchen, her daughter Janis prepares delicious fish, lobster and crab dishes. Her specialty: bec-de-cane curry or tazar with papaya. 

Activity : didewa Mafatou -   Mouli tribal village

Services provider : Martine Faoutolo

Martine’s snack is a must try in Mouli. Breakfast, seafood specialties, authentic dishes or just sandwiches and drinks: this place has it all. Eat-in or take away…and enjoy a picnic on the beach. 

Activity : ireital - wassaijeu tribal village

This small eatery is located in Ouassadieu, facing a beach of powdery white sand. You just have to cross the road in order to get a taste of heaven… For lunch or dinner, Tiré, Bella’s daughter, will delight you with tasty creations. Indulge in some smoked bec-de-canne or a mangrove-crab curry. To enjoy these great dishes or a Bougna (4 guests minimum), it is preferable you book beforehand.

Activity : snack soleil levant -  ognat tribal village

Services provider : tchako koma

This guesthouse is located in Ognat, in the northern part of the island. The Ouvea Parakeet lives in the nearby forests. Built by the water, the bungalow can accommodate about 20 guests for lunch. The menu is prepared by Koma and her daughter-in-law. It includes tasty fish and seafood…all of which is extra fresh! Eat-in or take away. Breakfast is available and you must book evenings and weekends. Here you can enjoy great swims or dives any time.



Nengone Village Cengeite Mare

Activity : ketu -  la roche tribal village

Services provider : Mr Charles SALO

You are in La Roche. This is where you landed if you arrived by plane. Once your luggage collected, pick any spot to settle down and just enjoy the scenery. Kétu is a warm and welcoming family-run accommodation structure. It is located within a tribal village. Here you can sleep in a bungalow or camp. Enjoy a great meal prepared with seasonal produce. 

Activity : peune -  hnawayac tribal village

Services provider : Mr Marcel Wayaridri

Make your way between vanilla plantations and avocado orchards: you are in the tribal village of Hnawayac (in the northern part of the island). Marcel Wayaridri’s Peune is a great accommodation structure that features traditional huts and a camping site.



manger un bougna en tribu Lifou

Activity : Fenepaza

Services provider : guillaume Waminya

Guillaume Waminya welcomes you in his guesthouse, the Fenepaza. Located in the tribal village of Mucaweng, you will love this place. Here you will enjoy authentic and flavorful food. Choose to dine outdoors or by the fireplace. The Fenepaza also features bungalows if you wish to spend the night. 

Activity : Melimala - qanono tribal village

Services provider : guillaume Waminya

In Qanono you must stop by Mélimala’s (the turtledove) for lunch. Jean-Marie Wananije and his friendly team will welcome you with a smile and some creative cuisine. Colorful plates and seasonal produce will entice your taste buds. Stop by the boutique and indulge in some fresh fruit, local vanilla, homemade honey or achards (spicy pickled vegetables). 

Activity : globe trotter -  qanono tribal village

 Services provider : Alain Petrague

In the heart of Wé, welcome to Alain Pétrague’s. His bar-restaurant, the Globe Trotter, is located by the beach and features fusion cuisine with local, African and Asian influences. At night, the place gets animated with live music. Enjoy the setting in a friendly and warm ambiance. 

Activity : la petite baie -  joj tribal village

 Services provider : Mme annette Wejieme

In Joj, south of Luengoni, Annette welcomes you in her guesthouse. Discover her traditional and flavorful cuisine: fish curry, tazar en papilotte and lip-smacking stuffed crab. Then enjoy discovering the island’s treasures in an idyllic setting. 

Activity : tamanou beach - Mou tribal village

Services provider : Eric GAZE

The Tamanou Beach is located in Mou, south of the island. This place is perfect to unwind and enjoy a great lunch. Savor delicious meals outdoors, amidst the Tamanu trees.  

Activity : chez bella patel -  luengoni tribal village

Services provider : Bella PATEL

Grilled fish, wild vegetables and fish en papillote: Bella’s recipes are as colorful as they are tasty. In her tropical garden, she makes for a lot of Luengoni bay’s charm! 

Activity : au cœur de lito -  drueulu  tribal village

Services provider : Marie-claudine GOUE

Marie-Claude welcomes you in her own Garden of Eden in Drueulu, Lifou. Your host loves cooking seafood dishes and authentic Pacific island dishes such as Bougna. Her husband, Théodore, prepares traditional bread to accompany your main course… you can even give him a hand as he kneads!