Acitivity : ouvéa parakeets observation -  Teouta tribal village/ognat

perruche ouvea iles loyaute

Services provider : association ASBO

Welcome to Ouvea! Here hides an endemic natural treasure called Eunymphicus uvaeensis. It is a gorgeous bright green parakeet. The bird’s forehead features a recognizable red spot and its crest counts six black feathers that curl forward. In the Ognat forest, these parakeets feed on various seeds and love to indulge in some papaya! The Association pour la sauvegarde de la perruche d’Ouvéa (Association for the preservation of the Ouvea parakeet) will gladly guide you through your observations of the precious bird. Very often, you won’t even need to go into the forest as the parakeets venture into gardens. 

Activity :  shearwater observation- mouli bridge

pont de mouli ouvea nouvelle caledonie

Services provider : association ASBO

Eating out : snack fassy / snack popou / snack didewa

For over 20 years, the Association for the preservation of Ouvea’s biodiversity (ASBO) –which was created by tribal customary leaders- has recruited and trained guides and coordinators. Their mission is to identify and assess certain endangered species, such as the Ouvea parakeet, and tackle invasive species. Members of the association also monitor turtles as they nestle and they work to preserve shearwater colonies. In Mouli, not far from the bridge, a guide will help you learn more about this bird. Just make sure you contact the association beforehand.  



Activity : hiking to the 2 beaches - Kaewatine tribal village

accueil en tribu Kaewatine mare

Services provider : Mr noel wiako

Eating out : chez nath

In Kaewatine, in the northern part of the island, Nathalie and Noël Wiako will welcome you warmly in their traditional accommodation structure. They will gladly take you on hikes through the forest. Walk for about an hour and you will reach the splendid beaches of Ekure and Ceni.  


Activity : the warrior's leap - wakone tribal village

Le saut du guerrier Tawainedr Mare

Services provider : free access

You are in the heart of Mare’s majestic cliffs. Here the most famous site is known as the Saut du Guerrier (the warrior’s leap). Local legends recount the adventures of Hnor, a warrior from the Hnathege clan. He was chased and eventually cornered by men of the Si Gurework clan. Hnor is said to have leaped the 7 meter-wide fault successfully, thereby escaping his assailants.Today the site is secured so you can safely enjoy the impressive vistas over Baie de l’Allier and remote Cap Roussin. Contemplate some breathtaking scenery!



Activity : Lifou nature - Hunëtë tribal village

lifou nature nouvelle caledonie2

Services provider : Mrs Ijezié marianna

Welcome to the Wetr district. Meet Bassie Ijezie, the chief of the Hunëtë tribe. He and his wife Marianna have created a natural reserve in order to preserve fauna and flora. Enjoy incredible natural sites and learn about the Bunis (used to create the central structure of the traditional hut of Wetr in the Hnathalo tribe). It is preferable you book in advance as to better enjoy your visit.  

Activity : Les joyaux de luengöni -  Luengöni tribal village

Les joyaux de Luengoni Lifou

Services provider : Noel pia

Eating out : La petite baie/tamanou beach

At the entrance of the Luengöni tribe, follow Noël Pia through the forest. You will soon reach majestic and fascinating caves. Be sure to bring good walking shoes, a bathing suit and basic diving gear. You will undoubtedly enjoy a memorable swim in these fresh and pristine waters. Expect to be hiking for about 3 to 4 ½ hours. Noël Pia tours the caves in the morning so you can fully enjoy the sinkhole’s turquoise waters. The walk is recommended for advanced hikers and a guide is needed. After your excursion, enjoy lunch at La Petite Baie in an idyllic setting.  


Activity : Saqea aventure - Wedrumel tribal village

Services provider : jeanne passil

Eating out : au cœur de lito or hoceleny

These typical huts stand proudly amidst the island’s lush vegetation. You are in the Wedrumel tribe at Jeanne Passil’s. Here you can unwind and spend a restful night or two! Wedrumel’s treasure lies below the surface: an underground cave where warriors used to hide during tribal wars. Walking through the cave requires some agility, but the effort is well worth the experience. Contemplate limestone formations that look like sculptures and watch natural light drape the rocky walls in vibrant hues. Let your emotions settle as you head for Drueulu. At the Au cœur de Lito enjoy a well deserved lunch.  

Activity : Jokin cliffs - Jokin tribal village

falaises de Jokin Lifou Nouvelle Caledonie

Services provider : free access

Eating out : faré falaise

The Jokin Cliffs stand some 40 meters tall. They hang over limpid waters that shelter amazing coral formations and remarkable marine fauna. Between July and September, the cliffs are an ideal spot to observe humpback whales. Just nearby the cliffs you will find the charming traditional hut of the chief of Jokin. Guards watch over the hut’s double entrance door. At the Faré Falaise, Louise’s place, enjoy a light lunch in a friendly ambiance.