patrimoine eglise de mouli ouvea

Church of Mouli - Mouli tribal village

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At the southernmost part of the island, encircled by Columnar pine trees, the Mouli Church stands on a rocky promontory and faces the lagoon. On worship days, women wear colorful dresses and prayers and chants rise towards the vaulted ceiling. The church can be visited at any time and you will always find someone to tell you the story of this religious edifice.

Church of st michel - Fayaoué tribal village

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With its immaculately white façade, its red roof, yellow vaults and green stairs, this church resembles a medieval castle. It stands tall facing the ocean and is a wonderful place to take breathtaking pictures.

Ouvéa soap factory/oil distillery  - wadrilla tribal village

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Since 1991, Ouvea has been producing coconut oil. The coconuts are grinded and pressed as to extract the precious oil, which is then used as biofuel by the island’s power plant. It also serves the purpose of soap production. If you want to learn more about this small local industry, you ought to visit the soap factory. Entrance is free and you can even purchase some fragrant products!



patimoine saut du guerrier wakone lifou

The warrior's leap - wakone tribal village

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You are in the heart of Mare’s majestic cliffs. Here the most famous site is known as the Saut du Guerrier (the warrior’s leap). Local legends recount the adventures of Hnor, a warrior from the Hnathege clan. He was chased and eventually cornered by men of the Si Gurework clan. Hnor is said to have leaped the 7 meter-wide fault successfully, thereby escaping his assailants.Today the site is secured so you can safely enjoy the impressive vistas over Baie de l’Allier and remote Cap Roussin. Contemplate some breathtaking scenery!


Historical monument -  roh tribal village

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This monument symbolizes the arrival of the first protestant missionaries in Roh. It also commemorates two Samoans: Tataio and Taniela. They were the first missionaries formed in Tonga by the London Missionary Society. In 1841, Tataio and Taniela were given the authorization to settle in Roh. Protestant faith is a strong influence on the island. In 1872, the church built by British protestant ministers was to become the first protestant religious edifice in New Caledonia.



patrimoine grande chefferie du wetr lifou

High chieftaincy of Wetr - hnathalo tribal village

Do not enter without prior authorization from the representative of the customary authorities

The Grande Chefferie (high chieftaincy) of the Wetr District counts 17 tribes. Here you will find one of the most beautiful traditional huts of New Caledonia. The Grande Chefferie is surrounded by a fence and the high chief’s hut measures 12 meters in diameter . It features a traditional thatched roof and its pillars were selected to last over a hundred years! The structure and roof were assembled with natural binding, without using a single nail. Please note that in order to visit, you must be granted an authorization by customary authorities.

La chapelle notre dame de lourde -  easo tribal village

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On the promontory which overlooks the Baie de Santal and Baie Jinek, the catholic missionaries built a small chapel in 1898 called Notre-Dame de Lourdes (celebrated each year on December 8th ). It can easily be reached by a little path. From Chapelle Easo, the vistas are impressive and between July and September you can even spot humpback whales as they migrate. In Drehu language, “Easo” means “smoking fire”. In the 1860s and 1870s whale hunters used to light fires in order to melt the animals’ fat and use it as oil. Come discover a place full of interesting stories.

Medrehu nature - ewë tribal village

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Welcome to the Easo tribal village in the northern part of the island. Medehu Nature is a small family-run structure which offers to take you on hikes through the forest. Walk by giant ferns and limestone formations while Antoine Geihaze tells you about traditional herbal medicine. As he guides you through the lush vegetation, Antoine will also teach you to recognize animal sounds and will share some traditional hunting techniques…an authentic experience that combines tribal tales and wisdom. Between Jokin and Easo, the Fenepaza restaurant offers a cuisine rich in flavors and colors.

Peng beach -  hapetra tribal village

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This is one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches. It stretches over 2 kilometers and is sheltered from prevailing winds. Peng Beach is very sought after by swimmers. Nearby, you will discover the remains of the Hapetra tribe which had to move inland in order to escape a leprosy epidemic.

Sculptor-  jozip tribal village

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If you are looking for souvenirs, you must stop by Drick Ukewedr’s in Jozip. He handcrafts many beautiful pieces such as flèches faitières (wooden totems), pirogues and more. You will undoubtedly find a perfect gift or two…

Sculptor -  traput tribal village

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In the tribal village of Traput, come admire wooden sculptures by Jaek Ozika. He shows many beautiful pieces in his shop and will gladly share details about his work and the techniques he uses.