Activity : la dérivante - Ognat tribal village

sport aventure Ouvea 01

Services provider : tchako koma

You are in Ognat, in the northern part of Ouvea. Discover a new way of enjoying the lagoon with an activity called the Dérivante. As the tide ebbs, let yourself drift on the water and watch colorful fish, dazzling corals and exotic shellfish quiver before your eyes. Move on to a small beach where you can lounge in the sun. Enjoy a nice cocktail at the Soleil Levant and, for the gourmets, try the fish dish. Contact Tchako Koma who will tell you about the tide times and will book your meal. 


Activity : boat trips to southern pleiades

pleiades du sud tribu mouli ouvea

Services provider : moague/pierre kaouma. Charlie Aema

The southern Pléiades islets will undoubtedly charm you. Take in the purest hues of blue as you admire the very scenery that inspired Luc Besson’s critically acclaimed film, the Grand Bleu. Depart from Mouli to enjoy this unique excursion. The tour includes drinks and grilled fish for lunch. Contact Moague accommodation, nearby the Mouli Bridge. 


Acitivity : Northern Pleiades  -  Héo tribal village

pleiades du nord tribu st joseph ouvea

Services provider : ouvéa motu

The northern Pléiades islets can be reached from Saint-Joseph. Experience a nautical excursion in a dreamy décor. Encounter Manta rays and playful dolphins. Take a lunch break on exotic islets which bear Polynesian names: Motu Niu, Motu Awa, etc.  


Activity : Hnimek - Héo tribal village

Nurserie des requins St Joseph Ouvea

Services provider : antoine omei

Depart from the Saint-Joseph church for an original tour that lasts about 3 hours. The Hnimëk guided tour will have you discover the northern part of the island. You will learn about traditional kanak herbal medicine and specific environmental issues. You will cross a small channel (beware of currents) and will enjoy a swim facing the Unyée islet. Last but not least, enjoy spotting sharks in the mangrove: lemon sharks, black-finned or coral sharks. Get close to the nursery and keep quiet: you will contemplate an amazing spectacle. 


Activity : Nautical center canio

Centre Animation Nautique Iaai Ouvea

Services provider : Ledoux bertrand

The Canio (Centre Nautique d’Iaai ouvéa) offers many different water sports and activities. This new structure will introduce you to kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and more. Even if you are a beginner, you will enjoy yourself. Bertrand Ledoux, the center’s manager will gladly give you some precious advice. 



Activity : shabadran -Kurine tribal village

Shabadran Kurine Mare Nouvelle Caledonie

Services provider : Bearune damas

Welcome to one of New Caledonia’s most beautiful sites. Contact the Kurine camping in order to access Shabadran (pronounced “Chabadjane”).  With a guide or by yourself (if you have been granted authorization), you will first have to make your way through 7 kilometers of coconut grove. Getting an all-terrain vehicle is the best option. Then you will hike for about 2 hours on a coral ridge that rides the deep blue of the ocean. At the very end of your walk, as the ridge terraces into eroded rock formations, you will find Shabadran beach. It can only be reached on foot. Secretive and wild, you will enjoy a truly unique spot.  But be cautious, the reef is as gorgeous as it is dangerous.   

Activity : Cap roussin - Kaewatine tribal village

Ascicen Nece Mar NC

Services provider : noel wiako

Gastronomy : chez nath

In Kaewatine, in the northern part of the island, Nathalie and Noël Wiako will welcome you warmly in their traditional accommodation structure. They will gladly take you on hikes through the forest. Walk for about an hour and you will reach the splendid beaches of Ekure and Cene.  



Activity : Saqea aventure - Wedrumel tribal village

Saqea aventure Wedrumel Lifou NC DIL

Services provider : passil jeanne 

These typical huts stand proudly amidst the island’s lush vegetation. You are in the Wedrumel tribe at Jeanne Passil’s. Here you can unwind and spend a restful night or two! Wedrumel’s treasure lies below the surface: an underground cave where warriors used to hide during tribal wars. Walking through the cave requires some agility, but the effort is well worth the experience. Contemplate limestone formations that look like sculptures and watch natural light drape the rocky walls in vibrant hues. Let your emotions settle as you head for Drueulu. At the Au cœur de Lito enjoy a well deserved lunch.  

Activity : Lifou nature

Medehu Nature Ewe Lifou NC

Services provider : Mrs Ijezié marianna

Welcome to the Wetr district. Meet Bassie Ijezie, the chief of the Hunëtë tribe. He and his wife Marianna have created a natural reserve in order to preserve fauna and flora. Enjoy incredible natural sites and learn about the Bunis (used to create the central structure of the traditional hut of Wetr in the Hnathalo tribe). It is preferable you book in advance as to better enjoy your visit.  


Activity : wetr diving

sites de plongee ouvea

Services provider : Mrs Annabella Decandia

Northward, in Easo, let yourself be dazzled by the underwater wonders. Wetr Diving Club will guide you through your exploration of the seabed. Uncover incredible diving spots and relish some of the world’s most beautiful underwater sites. A team of professional instructors, assisted by local guides, will safely take you around. If you are in for some thrills, try the night dive… 

Activity : les joyaux de luengoni

Les joyaux de Luengoni Luengoni Lifou NC

Services provider : Noel Pia

At the entrance of the Luengöni tribe, follow Noël Pia through the forest. You will soon reach majestic and fascinating caves. Be sure to bring good walking shoes, a bathing suit and basic diving gear. You will undoubtedly enjoy a memorable swim in these fresh and pristine waters. Expect to be hiking for about 3 to 4 ½ hours. Noël Pia tours the caves in the morning so you can fully enjoy the sinkhole’s turquoise waters. The walk is recommended for advanced hikers and a guide is needed. After your excursion, enjoy lunch at La Petite Baie in an idyllic setting.  

Activity : centre nautique hnaipole

00.Centre Nautique Hnaipole We Lifou DIL

Services provider : Stephan Poree

Lifou’s Hnaïpolë Centre d’Animation Nautique has been completely refurbished. It welcomes kids and adults alike all year round. Supervised by professionals, learn to sail and enjoy water sports safely. You can trust Stéphane Porée, the director, and his team to take care of you. Windsurfing, kayaking, sailing…just take your pick. The structure is certified by the French Sailing Federation.