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18 to 20 October – Mou – Drehu (Lifou)

Set foot in Lifou this weekend to discover the product that has been Lifou’s pride and joy for nearly 160 years, thanks to its amazing history and thriving success. We will take you to the Mou tribe to celebrate the vanilla plant.

Some 159 years ago, the Reverend Macfarlane arrived in Lifou, bringing with him the first vanilla plant, which he would hand over to the Ahmelewedr clan. In this ideal climate, vanilla eventually became a living icon, one with religious associations. The development of a solid vanilla industry put Drehu Island on the map and turned its pod into an emblematic Loyalty Islands product.

The organization in charge of this magnificent festival, the Vani ne Mu Committee, brings together producers and vanilla lovers, including the young and the old of the Mou tribe from Lossis District in the south of the island. The annual promotion of the famous flavouring presents an authentic challenge for the Committee: it takes a lot of organization and know-how to grow and prepare a quality product.

The Vanilla House
La Maison de la Vanille (Vanilla House) is located on the lands of the Hnathalo tribe. It gathers the harvest of vanilla pods, which are purchased while they are still green from the Loyalty Islands cultivators. The Vanilla House follows a careful series of procedures in order to insure a high-quality final product: scalding, sweating, drying, conditioning, grading and finally packaging. This has become a burgeoning industry for the Islands’ Province, one which is constantly striving to improve the quality of its vanilla in order to produce a certified product.

In Search of the Merry Vanilla
Here is an interesting visit you can make whilst you are at the fair: set out to look for Mr. Lues Rokuad and his Merry Vanilla. This is a man with a great passion for the vanilla pod, which is so coveted in the Drehu Country. He will be happy to explain the different stages of the pod’s cultivation, as you enjoy a nice cup of coffee (vanilla-flaoured, of course). He will tell you everything you need to know about the product: its origins, its history in Lifou, its cultivation, its seasons, the science and the techniques. At the end of it all, you will no doubt have become a vanilla expert in your own right!

A Warm Ambiance.
The Vanilla Fair brings together the pod’s producers, keen to publicize their know-how and expertise, along with the vanilla industry in general and the products derived from it. It is a one-of-a-kind occasion, a good time to meet the local Ne Drehu people and forge new bonds. At the fairgrounds, you can choose from any of the many food stands on the site, as well as discover local handicrafts, the farmers’ market and all the musical entertainment and folklore that create the warm ambiance of this splendid festival. Finally, you can get to know the daily life of the local tribe by staying in one of their homes while you are here.

Our Package Deal

The package we offer consists of:
- Return flight tickets
- 2 nights homestay,* breakfast included
- Transfers between the Loyalty Islands Fair site and the aerodrome
- A free welcome buffet
*Accomodation is located on the lands of the Mou tribe.


26,113 XFP per adult
17,820 XFP per child
3,629 XFP per baby
*Accommodation is located with the Mou tribe

Offer Vanilla Festival

26 504 XFP per adult (12 years and older)
18 056 XFP per child (2 to 11 years old)
2 700 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)
100 places available

Pre-book your holiday!

From the 1st of April to the 1st of September, you can register online to pre-book your Vanilla Festival package.

Selling period: From 2 nd  to 13 th of September

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be notified by email and informed of the dates during which you can pay: in person, with cheque or cash at the offices of GIE Destination îles Loyauté.

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