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28 to 30 August – Easo – Drehu (Lifou)

At the end of August, people of the Wetr District gather together on the site of Easo to celebrate the Sandalwood and Honey Festival. This is your opportunity to discover the variety of honeys and honey products produced by Lifou Island’s apiarists.

This magnificent event, organized by Wetr’s cultural and tourism association, brings together many different individuals involved into the economic development of the district, along with their collaborators. This is the moment to showcase the expertise of local beekeepers, who come to display their honey and talk about its benefits. Many among them have won awards for the quality of their product.

This is what awaits you!
The festival’s hostesses and local guitar music will welcome you at Lifou’s Wanaham Airport: the perfect beginning for you to delve into the island’s festive ambiance. Then you will head for Easo, where the organization will offer you a « made in Lifou » breakfast, before moving on to your accommodation, where the hosts will look after you.

As in all the country’s festivals, there are plenty of food stands present, where you can taste local products and dishes. In addition, you can attend workshops exhibiting local sculpture, weaving and dressmaking, a section dedicated to Loyalty Island beekeepers, a music workshop, traditional songs and dances, and, of course, competitions. All in all, it is a very lively place, where the convivial and relaxed atmosphere is enjoyed by everyone.

On Saturday afternoon, the Wetr District dance troupes put on a performance, which is greatly enjoyed by the festival’s visitors. The dances represent diverse themes, such as the movements of workers constructing a hut, or the different stages in the cultivation of the yam and its place in local traditions.

The festivities run for three days, full of human and cultural discoveries, displaying the island’s many faces. Lifou! Come join us here!

Our Package Deal

The package we offer consists of:
- Return flight tickets
- 2 nights homestay*, breakfast included
- Transfers between Easo and the local aerodrome
- Free buffets
*Accomodation is located on the lands of the Easo and Siloam tribe

Offer Honey and Santalwood Festival :

25 627 XFP per adult (12 years and older)

17 165 XFP per child (2 to 11 years old)

 2 700 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)

100 places available

Pre-book your holiday!

From the 10 th of march to the 26 th of July, you can register online to pre-book a Honey and Santalwood Festival Festival package.

Sales dates: 27 july  to 7 August.

As soon as your booking is finalized, you will receive confirmation by email, along with information giving the dates when you can make payment in person, either by cheque or in cash, at any of the offices of Betico.


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