Bannière web Vanille 2020

16 to 18 October – Mou – Drehu (Lifou)

Spend a weekend in Lifou and get to know the product that has been the pride of the island for the last 160 years, thanks to a most extraordinary turn of events and a flourishing sector. We will take you to the lands of the Mou tribe, to celebrate vanilla!

Some 159 years ago, the Reverend Macfarlane turned up in Lifou, bringing the first vanilla plant to these islands, which he entrusted to the Ahmelewdr clan. Over the years, many local residents maintained the cultivation of the orchid and the processing of the vanilla pod, using traditional methods. Little by little, Lifou’s vanilla acquired a certain reputation, so the farmers of this Loyalty Islands province decided to guarantee the quality of its vanilla by setting up the Vanilla House.

Nowadays, the vanilla farmers in Mu, wishing to preserve this heritage, have organized themselves into the Association Vani ne Mu. The committee brings together elders and youth of the Mu tribe in the Lössi district in the south of the island.

A Vanilla House

The Vanilla House, located in the lands of the Hnathalo tribe, receives all the green vanilla pods purchased from Loyalty Islands farmers. With the aim of ensuring a quality product, the Vanilla House carefully processes the pod in a series of steps: scalding, sweating, drying, conditioning, grading and packing. This is an authentic developing industry in the Loyalty Islands Province; one which never stops trying to improve the quality of its vanilla in order to ensure a final product of the highest quality.

A Congenial Ambiance

The Vanilla Festival is supported by the association Vani Ne Drehu, and brings together vanilla farmers wishing to publicize their skills, their knowledge, and the vanilla industry in general, along with its by-products. This is a very special time and a great opportunity to meet the people of Ne Drehu. At the site, you can enjoy numerous stands with local food and handicrafts, the farmers’ market, and the many music and folklore shows, all of which contribute to the unique ambiance of this great festival. And finally, you can experience the daily life of the tribe who will accommodate you during the weekend.   

Our Package Deal

The package we offer consists of:
- Return flight tickets
- 2 nights homestay,* breakfast included
- Transfers between the Loyalty Islands Fair site and the aerodrome
- A free welcome buffet
*Accomodation is located on the lands of the Mou tribe.


25 627 XFP per adult
17 165 XFP per child
2 700  XFP per baby
*Accommodation is located with the Mou tribe

Offer Vanilla Festival

26 504 XFP per adult (12 years and older)
18 056 XFP per child (2 to 11 years old)
2 700 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)
100 places available

Pre-book your holiday!

From the 10 th of march to the 13 st of September, you can register online to pre-book your Vanilla Festival package.

Selling period: From 14 th to 25 th of September

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be notified by email and informed of the dates during which you can pay: in person, with cheque or cash at the offices of Betico.

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