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30 May to 2 June - Nece Tribe-NENGONE (Maré)

For more than a quarter century now, the Nengoné region has been holding a festival to celebrate its emblematic fruit: the avocado. The renowned event draws the attention and participation of a great number of Caledonians, allowing visitors, over a period of four days, to discover or rediscover the famous fruit.

Let us go back to the origins of this grand celebration, whose reputation has continued to build over the years. It all began in the 1990’s, when the « diehard » local farmers came up with the idea of organizing a festival to honour this plant of Mexican origin. The first year was relatively « low profile », yet quite successful in the sense of bringing together the SI NENGONE. Moreover, the famous Great Chief Nidoish Naisseline saw in it an economic and social opportunity and suggested holding the event annually in its present venue, on the lands of the Nece (pronounced « Net-che ») tribe, at a place called Wacaele, whose name means « coral » in the Nengoné language.

Nowadays, the Nece Pahnameneng (tribal) committee brings together producers and tribe members, in collaboration with the Tuo, Mebuet and Padawa tribes, who are mobilized and organized in order to make the grand event better every year.

Over the four days, you can get to know the local Maré people, famous for their big hearts and their welcoming smiles, and who will treat you as their guest of honour. Much more than a mere party, the Avocado Festival offers you the unique opportunity to experience the daily lives of the Si Nengone.

During the Avocado Festival, you can set out to explore the island and its cultural diversity. Head out to sea with our local fishing clans, wander around the sites that are open especially for the occasion, make a tour of the island and have a go at hunting for coconut crabs. A wide range of activites are available to liven up your weekend!

Let your curiosity be your guide!

The boat package tour consists of return tickets in NGV Betico, a tribal homestay with breakfast included and a team who will be present on the site to welcome you and stay by your side during the weekend.

Our Package Deal

This year, 190 packages will be available for sale.

The package we offer consists of:

  • Return boat tickets
  • 3 nights homestay*, breakfast included
  • Transfers to and from the Avocado Festival (Tadine - Nece)

*Accommodation is located on the lands of the Nece, Mebuet, Tuo and Padawa tribes.

Offer Avocado Festival

20 100 XFP per adult (13 years and older)
12 400 XFP per child (5 to 12 years old)
2 100 XFP per baby (0 to 4 years old)
190 places available


Pre-book your stay!

You can pre-book your Avocado Festival package online from the 29th of April to the 17th of May.

Selling period: 29th of April to 7th of May

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be notified by email and informed of the dates during which you can pay: in person, with cheque or cash at the offices of GIE Destination îles Loyauté.

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