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12 to 14 July – Tawainedr-Nengoné (Maré)

In the northeast of Nengoné, in the lands of the Tawainedr tribe, we offer you the chance to discover a district little known to foreign visitors. Every year, nature’s bounty is celebrated here in grandiose fashion, during the Ura (pronounced « Oura ») Festival.

What is the « Ura » ?

In the Si Nengone language, Ura means « waters that gush out », or « the spring ». Near the Tawainedr tribal lands, at the bottom of the Dranin (pronounced « dyanine ») Cliffs, there is a fresh-water spring that flows up from the depths of the sea. It is said that in bygone times, there was no storage tank here, nor any means to channel the water and that the local tribal elders could only journey here to draw the water at low tide. This meant having to cross the forest, hiking along a mountainous path, descending the cliffs and then clambering back up the path with a heavy load of water.

In this same district, which is also home to the Wakoné and Hnadid tribes, a large market is set up for the Ura Festival. Here you can discover the productivity and the diversity of the Nengoné land: its handicrafts, its fine homemade foodstuffs (honey, jams, oils), all sorts of fruit and vegetables, a great variety of tubers, not to mention the local people who will offer you a warm welcome with their legendary smiles.

The Ura Festival turns into a trading place for Nengoné’s producers, who come here from the four corners of the island. Maré’s farmers are famous for supplying produce of the highest standard, as well as foods that are well-known for their healthful qualities. There are numerous food stands on the festival site, with delicacies to tickle your tastebuds. Don´t miss the chance to sample tha many local dishes and island specialities.

Throughout the course of this convivial event, the locals will welcome you into their tribe, with the charm of simplicity in its purest form. Shop the markets, wander through the region known as Dranin, set out on a visit to the nearby countryside and farms. Prepare yourself for a warm, friendly weekend, hosted by a people with a passion for its land. 

A wide variety of activities are advertised at the Si Nengone Tourist Office, offering you the chance to explore some of the island’s lesser-known places. The Tourist Office will help you to plan your stay and provide you with all the information you need to enjoy a superb weekend amidst Ura’s abundance.

Our Package Deal

The package deal we offer consists of:

  • Return flight
  • 2 nights local homestay*, breakfast included
  • Transfers between the local aerodrome and the Tawainedr tribal site

*Accommodation is located in the Tawainedr and Wakone tribal lands in Maré.

Offer Ura Festival

26 504 XFP per adulte (12 years and older)
18 056 XFP per child (2 to 11 years old)
2 700 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)
50 places available


The sale is closed.

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