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10 to 12 July – Tawainedr-Nengoné (Maré)

In the northeast of Nengone, on the lands of the Tawainedr tribe, we offer you the chance to discover a district little known to outsiders. Every year, the Ura (pronounced « Oura ») Festival celebrates nature’s abundance -or, better said, nature’s generosity- in grandiose style.

What is the URA?

In the Si Nengone language, Ura means « water gushing out » or « the spring ». Near the Tawainedr tribal lands, at the foot of the Dranin (pronounced "ja-neen") cliffs, there is a fresh water spring that flows up from the bottom of the sea. The story goes that, once upon a time, when there were no storage tanks, nor any other means to transport water, the « old folks » would go out at low tide to draw water from the spring at the foot of the cliffs, on the lovely Dranin Beach.

Nowadays, in the same area, which is also home to the Wakoné and Hnadid tribes, a huge producer’s market is set up for the annual Ura Festival. Here you will discover the diversity and the abundance of Nengone’s lands: local handicrafts, « home-made » products such as honey, jams, and oils, all types of fruit and vegetables, a great variety of tubers, not to mention the local people themselves, with their warm welcome and legendary smiles.

The URA festival continues to be a trading place for Nengone’s farmers, who come here from the four corners of the island. Maré’s farmlands are famous for yielding high quality crops, nutritious foodstuffs which, moreover, are renowned for their healthful properties. On the festival site, there are numerous food stands waiting to tickle your taste buds. Do not hesitate to sample the great variety of island dishes and preparations.

In the midst of this convivial affair, the locals will welcome you to stay with their tribe, enjoying life in its purest simplicity. Do some shopping, wander about the Dranin locality, head out to the countryside and see the farmers’ fields. Immerse yourself in a weekend filled with the warmth of a people who have a profound love of their land.

Plenty of activities are on offer at the information post (Si Nengone), allowing you to explore some of the island’s lesser known places. The information post will help you plan your activities and tell you everything you need to know to enjoy a superb weekend on the island of Maré.

Our Package Deal

The package deal we offer consists of:

  • Return flight
  • 2 nights local homestay*, breakfast included
  • Transfers between the local aerodrome and the Tawainedr tribal site

*Accommodation is located in the Tawainedr and Wakone tribal lands in Maré.

Offer Ura Festival

25 627 XFP per adulte (12 years and older)
17165 XFP per child (2 to 11 years old)
2 700 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)
50 places available

Pre-book your stay!

From 10 March to 14 June, you may pre-book your Ura Festival package online.


Sales dates: 15  to 26 June

As soon as your booking is finalized, you will receive confirmation by an email, along with information giving the dates when you can make payment in person, either by cheque or in cash, in any of the offices of Betico 

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