Bannière web Wajuyu 2020

13 to 15 November – Roh-Nengoné (Maré)

How about joining us during this long weekend (from the 8th to the 11th of November) to celebrate one of the most illustrious fish from the ocean’s depths? A fish that is the pride and joy of the Roh tribe fishermen: the wajuyu (pronounced “wah-zhoo-you”).

What is the Wajuyu?

Wajuyu is the Maré name for red snapper, a fish from the deep ocean. Its fine flesh is very popular everywhere and considered to be an authentic delicacy. The festival, which celebrates it, is hosted by the Roh tribe and has been running now for thirteen years. For the locals, the event is an opportunity to promote the expertise of the sea clans, their mythical places, history, culture and fishermen. For visitors who love the open sea, it is a dream come true and a chance to share unforgettable moments with the people of the region.

Our team will welcome you on the docks of Tadine. From there, you will head to the Roh’s tribal lands, where you will be greeted in the best « feel at home » style, under our lovely island sunshine, with a customary ceremony that is the inevitable prelude to the grand Wajuyu Festival. The organizing committee will treat you to an excellent buffet of Nengone’s sea and land products.

During the three days of this festival, the Wajuyu puts its best foot forward! At the dining table, you can enjoy the delicious mini-dishes prepared by our local chefs. You can set off on an excursion, do a bit of fishing with our skippers, dive into the stunning realm of the coral heads to explore the ocean depths, and wander about the sublime Eoce beach. Our team will be at your service to suggest activities for the weekend. This is what awaits you in the Nengoné land!

Beyond the numerous food stands, you can delve into the festival’s ambiance and meet some of Nengoné’s musicians and troupes, who perform traditional songs, music and dance here. Above all, the Wajuyu Festival is a very convivial time, full of sharing and exchanges, which offers you the opportunity to get to know the Maré people at home, living in tribal style. Your weekend will be enriched by warm encounters, leading to lasting friendships.

Our Package Deal

The package we offer consists of:
- Return boat tickets
- 2 nights homestay* breakfast included
- Transfers to and from the Wajuyu Fair site (Tadine-Roh tribal lands)
*Accommodation is located on the Roh and Hnawayac tribal lands.

Offer Wajuyu Festival

20 100 XFP per adult (13 years and older)
11 400 XFP per child (5 to 12 years old)
2 100 XPF per baby (0 to 4 years old)
150 places available

Pre-book your holiday!

From the 10 th of march to the 18 th of October, you can register online to pre-book your Wajuyu Festival package.

Selling period: From 19 th to 30 th of October

As soon as your booking is finalized, you will receive confirmation by email, along with information giving you the dates when you may make payment in person, either by cheque or in cash, at any of the offices of Betico.


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