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26 to 28 July - Heo-Iaai (Ouvéa)

In the north of Ouvéa, in the lands of the Heo tribe, you can enjoy and savour an extraordinary tuber: the Walei. What is so special about it? Simply: its delicious, sweet flesh!

The Walei is Ouvéa Island’s emblematic yam. Whether it is cooked in « bougna », boiled, fried or « gratin », this vegetable is omnipresent in the menu, part of any good, convivial meal served up in the island’s numerous « maisons ». There are seven varieties: Sina, Maingué, Bolok, Winia, Kayiha, Waniahotr and Katifala.

The annual Walei festival is organized by the Manu Aliki Association, whose name means « the chief’s bird ». Its members are largely comprised of the tribe’s mamas. This is also an occasion to showcase other Iaai products: handicrafts, woven garments, as well as delcious local dishes.

This is what awaits you!

Over a period of three days, you will have a chance to explore the north of the island. A festive atmosphere reigns, in the best local fashion, and in all its purest simplicity. You can taste Walei at the seaside, amidst different sorts of foodstands. Then you can dance with the tribe’s « papas » and « mamas » during the musical shows or join competitions to shell and grate coconuts, and take part to many other lively activities. Come and share some unforgettable moments with your companions and members of the tribe, surrounded by the pleasant company of smiling people.

The Walei festival is your opportunity to discover Ouvéa, from north to south, taking advantage of the the activities offered by the local Tourist Office. You will be met by guides who can escort you to some of the island’s most precious sites. Explore the Anubet Cave, make an excursion to the Pléiades in the north, hike along the Lekine Cliffs or observe the island’s emblematic bird: the Ouvéa parakeet.

Our Package Deal

100 package tours will be on sale this year.

The package we offer consists of:

  • Return flight tickets
  • 2 nights homestay*, breakfast included
  • Return transfers between the airport and the Walei Festival site, on the Héo tribal lands

*Accommodation is located on the Héo, Takedji, Gossanah et Weneki tribal lands.

Offer Walei Festival

26 504 XFP per adulte (12 years and older)
18 056 XFP per child (2 to 11 years old)
2 700 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)
100 places available

The sale is closed.

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