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29 Novembre to 1 December - Wakatr Tribe – Iaai - Ouvéa

This is one of the last festivals of the year and Ouvéa is the place we recommend for a final excursion, in order to celebrate the taro, a tuber with a long history to tell.

The festival began in 2010, so this will be its 9th year. It is staged by the Association Okûwege, with the aim of appreciating the taro in all its facets, promoting it and exchanging expertise with other New Caledonian communes, as well as insuring the sustainable conservation of the plant’s varities existing on the island.

We invite you to a « rendez-vous » in the centre of the island, more precisely the Fayaoué district, in the domains of various tribes such as the Wakatr, the Hwange and others. You will have the opportunity to discover the taro, its history and its heritage, as well as the different ways to grow it. Fascinating encounters and perspectives with the experts best suited to share the taro’s secrets. How do you plant it? What are the different steps? How many varities are there? Lots of questions to provoke your curiosity!

Take advantage of this weekend to immerse yourself in the magnificent sites that comprise « the island nearest to paradise ». The Iaai Tourist Office, which is in charge of all the activities, will welcome you and help you to plan your stay. The experience is a subtle blend combining the urge to discover and the festive atmosphere.

While you are perusing Iaai’s culture at the site, you can also enjoy various shows: songs, dances and music of the tribes from the island’s centre, along with highlights such as the taro peeling competition or other culinary contests, not to mention the Miss Taro 2019 contest. You can also savour all sorts of taro recipes: « gratin », pâtés, cooked in foil or in « bougna ».

To sum up, the Taro Festival is three days of celebrating, full of encounters, sharing and discovery with the people of Ouvéa, with a good dose of conviviality. Experience a tribal homestay and forge some lasting ties with your hosts. In short, the chance to live an unforgettable weekend!

Our Package Deal

The package we offer consists of:
- Return flight tickets
- 2 nights homestay*, breakfast included
- Transfers between the Wakatr tribal site and the aerodrome

*Accommodation is located on the Wakatr tribal lands.

 Offer Taro Festival

26 504 XFP per adult (12 years and older)
18 056 XFP per child (2 to 11 years old)
2 700 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)
50 places available

 Pre-book your holiday!

From the 1st of April to the 6th of October, you can register online to pre-book your Taro Festival package.

Selling period: From 14th to 25th of October

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be notified by email and informed of the dates during which you can pay: in person, with cheque or cash at the offices of GIE Destination îles Loyauté.

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