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26 to 28 June 2020 – Mouli Tribe– IAAI (Ouvéa)

In the course of this weekend, Ouvéa invites you to dive into the middle of the most beautiful lagoon in the world! It is one of our most emblematic events, bringing together all of the sea’s vital forces for this 13th edition.

This year, 2020, the Lagoon Festival takes place from the 26th to the 28th of June, on the « island closest to paradise »: Iaai (Ouvéa). The Ouvéa Atoll and the islands of Beautemps-Beaupré make up the only zone of the Loyalty Islands registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. This great communal celebration is, above all, an opportunity for many different individuals, associations, fishermen and anyone else who loves the sea, to showcase and to share the natural beauty and wealth of Ouvéa’s lagoon.

This year’s 13th edition of the Lagoon Festival will take place on the lands of the Mouli tribe in the south of Ouvéa. The festival site itself is on the magnificent Mouli beach, where one can watch some of the island’s loveliest sunsets.

During the three days of the festival there will be numerous stands selling local products from the sea and a market selling products from the land. You will find plenty of places where you can have something to eat. For gourmets and seafood fans, the Lagoon Festival is also an opportunity to sample some of the island’s famous varieties, completely safe and free of gratte (or ciguatera, a microalgae infection that occasionally infects fish in this part of the Pacific). One popular example is a fish called maleuleu in the Western Ouvéa language, bec-de-cane in French or longface emporer in English. It is well-known for its tender flesh and is one of many healthy and tasty local seafood offerings.

The Tourist Information Point (Syndicat d’Initiative IAAI) will maintain an information post, where you can find places to visit during the weekend and book activities, including boat excursions to nearby islets, a fishing competition, an environmental awareness session, and trips to observe some of the local maritime species or the famous Lékiny cliffs.

Experience tribal life for three days, on your own or with friends or family, and go home with memories to last a lifetime. Keep in mind your holidays here will also benefit your local hosts!

Our Package Deal

The package we offer includes:
- Return flights
- 2 nights homestay*, breakfast included
- Transfers between the local aerodrome and the Mouli tribal site

*Accommodation is located on the Mouli tribal lands.

Offer Lagoon Festival

25 627 XFP per adult
17 165 XFP per child
2 100 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)

Pre-book your holiday!

From the 10 th of march to the 1 st of june, you can register online to pre-book a Lagoon Festival package.

Selling period: From 2 nd to 12th of June

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be notified by email and informed of the dates during which you can pay: in person, with cheque or cash at the offices of Betico.

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