Bannière web Walei 2020

24 to 26 July - Heo-Iaai (Ouvéa)

Come to the north of Ouvéa, to the lands of the Heo tribe, to discover and savour the locals’ favourite tuber: the walei. What is so special about this vegetable? In short: its sweet and delicious flesh!

The walei is Ouvéa’s emblematic yam, a plant which has earned a prominent place in the island’s daily life and traditions. Whether is served in bougna, boiled, fried or au gratin, it is always present on the menu, part of the convivial meals served up in any of the numerous island’s houses. There are seven varieties: Sina, Maingué, Bolok, Winia, Kayiha, Waniahotr and Katifala. 

Every year, the Association Manu Aliki (the name means « the chieftain’s birds »), whose members include the majority of the tribe’s mums, organizes the Waleï Festival. It is an opportunity to promote Ouvéa’s sweet yam and, at the same time, to display other products from Iaai: handicrafts, weaving, as well as its delicious culinary dishes.

This is what awaits you!

Over these three days, we offer you the chance to explore the north of island, in a festive environment, with a « feel at home », down-to-earth ambiance, At the seaside, you can sample the walei from different food stands, and take part in various competitions, such as shelling and scraping coconuts, along with many other activities. Come and share unforgettable moments with the tribe and your companions, in the good company of smiling people.

The Waleï Festival is a chance to set out and discover Ouvéa from north to south, taking advantage of the activities offered by the Tourist Information Point (Syndicat d’Inititiative). Explore the Anubet cave, join an excursion to the Pléiades du Nord islets, hike along the Lékiny cliffs, or observe the island’s emblematic bird, the Ouvéa parakeet. There is a wide range of things to do on offer on the « island closest to paradise ».

The Package 

This year, 100 packages are on sale.

The package offered includes:

  • Return flight
  • 2 nights homestay*, breakfasts included
  • Return transfers between the airport and the festival site on the Héo tribal lands

*Accommodation is with the Héo, Takedji, Gossanah and Weneki tribes

Offer Walei Festival

25 627 XFP per adulte (12 years and older)
17 165 XFP per child (2 to 11 years old)
2 700 XPF per baby (under 2 years old)
100 places available

Pre-book your stay!

 From 10 March to 28 June, you may pre-book your Ura Festival package online.

Sales dates: 29 June to 10 July


As soon as your booking is finalized, you will receive confirmation by email, along with information giving the dates when you can make payment, in person, either by cheque or in cash, at any of the offices of  Betico.

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